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Folasade: “Nigeria still has hope!”

Crystalbel Eke

Les eleccions de Nigèria d’aquest 2023 han resultat crucials i remarcables en la història democràtica del país, del continent i del món. Tot i no haver sigut molt populars per tothom, han sigut considerades les eleccions més importants a nivell global aquest any. Després de més de 60 anys amb un govern democràtic, el país més poblat d’Àfrica ha demostrat molt poc avenç en la seva autònomia i sobirania estatal. Aquestes eleccions han sigut les més seguides pels propis ciutadans i s’ha despertat un estat de consciència entre la juventud nigeriana. Han incrementat el nombre de vots i tot el seu procès ha set seguit i retrasmès constantment durant el primer quatrimestre de 2023. Els candidats nominats van ser Bola Tinubu, Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar i Rabiu Kwankaso. La població de caire juvenil, majoritàriament volia que guanyés Peter Obi. Però el guanyador de les eleccions va ser Bola Tinubu.

Folasade és una jove nigeriana de 20 anys que viu actualment a Catalunya, a Vic. És una noia molt apassionada per la prosperitat del seu país i està fortament arrelada als seus orígens. A continuació ens explicarà el seu seguiment durant les eleccions i les esperances que té per Nigèria.

Estat actual del país (Actual state of the country)

What do you think about the actual situation in Nigeria in general terms?

I think right now, I feel like things are better in the country, the youth now fight for their rights like never before, the economic situation is not pleasant at all but I think it’s better than before. The mindsets of most Nigerians have changed, they now know that there are opportunities out there for them to explore and not being limited to the situation of the country.

When did you migrate from Nigeria to Spain? What was the reason?

I left Nigeria in 2018, I had to leave mainly to reunite with my family and for a better future.

What differences do you find between the governmental institutions in Spain and in Nigeria?

There are lots of differences. Growing up and being raised in Nigeria, I’ve learnt and seen that the governor of a country can affect positively or negatively the country, the society, the schools, families, etcetera. 

In coming to Spain I saw totally different settings from Nigeria, things are just great, everything is well organized, they work well on rights of citizens and they put a lot of importance on the law of the country.

Eleccions Nigèria (Elections in Nigeria)

Were you following the past elections in Nigeria 2023? 

Yes I am, I’ve never ever been so invested in an election like this.

If you were there to vote, who would you have voted for? Why him and not others?

I would vote for Peter Obi. Mr Peter Obi has a lot of agenda to accomplish for Nigeria, it can only be him, none of the presidential candidates can carry out these agendas. A lot of them just want to get on that sit and embezzle the money and leave with no impact.

What changes do you think that the country needs to make?

Everything! The country needs a good road, security, good economy… And honestly, we need something to be proud of!

Do you think that the new president will be able to make a difference?

Yes, he may not be able to accomplish everything during his tenure but he’s going to start the change that we need, the change has to start somewhere, it has to start with someone.

What do you think about the awakening awareness of the youth in relation to the elections?

It makes me so happy, it’s what we’ve wanted and hoped for. The youth is now getting more interested in the country affairs, they’re taking instead of blaming or complaining about a bad governance, maybe in years to come, the youth would start contending for the position of president.

Votacions (Imatge de Pixabay)
Eleccions (Imatge de Pixabay)

Nigèria i els DDHH (Nigeria and Human Rights)

Some experts describe Nigeria as an Autocracy (a country that’s led by an only person who takes the decisions he wants without any restrictions from the law) though the country calls itself a Liberal Democracy. Why do you think it is so? 

Drets Humans (Imatge de Pixabay)

In my opinion, this is as a result of people in government settings not following nor obeying what was written in the constitution. It’s a shame to see people of the law disobeying the law.

Do you think that Nigeria stands for Human Rights?

No, no. Human Rights? No. Never.

What future awaits the country during the next four years before another election from your perspective?

I don’t want to imagine it yet. The result of the election was really disappointing, I’d say: let’s hope things get better ,at least better than this.

Is there any hope for a better country in the future?

Yes, there’s still hope for Nigeria. It’s a great country to start with, but things just shifted in an unexpected way. But Nigeria will be great. We don’t give up, that’s why we are nigerians. “Naija no dey carry last”.

Fragment entrevista amb Folasade (Gravació d’àudio per la Crystalbel Eke)

Nigeria’s motto is: «Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress». Do you agree to it or would you rather change it? If you were to change it, what would it be?

No, in a country where there are tribal biases, where there is inequality, where there’s rarely peace… I don’t think that slogan is suitable, but I won’t change it because Nigeria still has hope!